ERP Upgrades


We’re an IFS Gold Service Partner

We have been focused on helping our customers upgrade to the latest version of IFS Applications since 2001. Our long history and deep relationship with IFS has led IFS to entrust us with being the primary IFS business partner to assist customers with upgrading their system. Through this partnership we take the lead on IFS upgrade projects, providing full upgrade services helping customers move to new versions of IFS smoothly, efficiently, and on budget. 

 How does an upgrade run by Enterprise Consulting work?


IFS maintains the portions of the upgrade related to IFS Applications software—including creating the new version database and scripts, uplifting any modifications and providing server sizing and software licensing information as required.


Enterprise Consulting manages the entire process for you—ensuring a smooth and complete upgrade process every step of the way from start to finish.


We can also play specific roles to help support your internal project efforts through the upgrade process:


Project Management

Enterprise Consulting will work with you and IFS to establish a timeline and budget that is realistic, achievable and meets the business need.  Then we manage the project, including IFS’s portions, the customer core team and any third party vendors to ensure that we stay on schedule, on budget, and issues are resolved in a proactive manner.

Application Consulting

Enterprise Consulting will provide IFS application consultants in various specialties to help you address any gaps in the feature/functionality between the software versions, and also understand and implement any new features and functions in the software that you want to take advantage of.

Technical Consulting

While IFS will provide you with the build for the new version, it is the customer’s responsibility to install and run scripts to upgrade to the new version.  Enterprise Consulting can also assist with this and other technical consulting as needed including database support, reporting, and optimization/customization of new features.

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