Business Analytics, Intelligence and Reporting


Take advantage of the latest in enterprise reporting.


Imagine enterprise reports that tie out—to-the-penny—with other enterprise reports, dashboards, and workbooks. Imagine having every computer system in your organization integrated in a single environment. Imagine visual reporting in an analytics environment where data assets relate to the lowest level of detail. We make this a reality for our clients.


 Streamlined business intelligence tools at your fingertips.

We utilize Microsoft's business intelligence solution which extends Microsoft Excel® from a desktop productivity tool to a full-fledged enterprise-scale client for reporting and analysis.

Our team can help you design business analytics reports, charts, pivot tables, publish and schedule reports.


Enjoy drill-down and zoom-in capabilities so you can create useful interactive reports. It also includes write-back features to easily update budgets.


Our consultants can help you implement:


Microsoft's Business Analytics/Intelligence Platform

Portals, Executive reporting & dashboards

Custom Reporting including: Crystal Reports, IFS Report Designer, Quick Reports, RDF/QRP and Web based reports

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