Enterprise Software Selection

One of the most critical decisions a business can make is in selecting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for running the business. The decision, once made, will be one of the largest factors in how efficiently the business can run over the next 10-15 years (typical life of an ERP package). It is important to select the best package for your business. This can vary based on the size of your business, the industry and even your specific processes. Enterprise Consulting has been performing enterprise software selection projects for over 12 years. We have refined our approach to help you remove the ambiguity out of the process, providing an apples to apples choice of the right vendors for the company, while providing a fair playing field for the vendors. This will lead you to . . .

  1. Making the right decision for your business
  2. While doing it quickly and efficiently

Our Approach

Enterprise Consulting's proprietary approach to assisting customers select an ERP software package follows a method that has been proven successful over time. This approach is broken down into five distinct phases:

Enterprise Consulting Selection Process


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