Enterprise Software Selection


Selecting an ERP solution to run your business is a critical decision. We’ll help you make the best choice.

The right ERP solution is one of the largest factors in how efficiently your business will run over the next 10 to 15 years—which is the typical life of any ERP package. That’s why it’s important to choose the best package for your business, industry, and processes.

Our experts have been helping innovative companies get fit with the right enterprise software for over a decade. Our refined approach helps our clients remove the ambiguity from the decision process and provides an apples-to-apples choice among the right vendors while providing a fair playing field for the all vendors.

What this means for you?


Your team will make right decision for your business.


The decision process will be quick and efficient.


Our Approach


Enterprise Consulting's proprietary approach to assisting customers select an ERP software package follows a method that has been proven successful over time. This process is broken down into five distinct phases:

  • Project Organization & Management

    Validate the project scope, establish the project team, and provide mechanisms for managing and controlling the project steps.

  • Analyze The Requirements

    Develop strategic, functional, technical and operational requirements to support the vendor evaluation and software selection. Identify the top five vendor/software candidates.

  • Develop RFP

    Prepare and send the request for proposal to the top five vendors (including demonstration scripts to provide for an equal comparison across the top vendors).

  • Conduct Vendor Evaluations

    Conduct an in-depth evaluation of the preferred software solutions for your company. This is accomplished by refining the vendor list down to the top three based on the vendor RFP responses. We then facilitate vendor demonstrations where the vendors will prove their ability to meet your company’s requirements, documenting the results after each demonstration.

  • Select ERP Vendor Solution

    Organize vendor information presented through the proposal and demonstrations, working with the core team to select the top two prioritized vendors. Optionally, we can request vendor customer site visits to see the software solution in use with companies similar to yours. Prepare final recommendation report/presentation and obtain management approval. Facilitate/assist as needed with contract negotiation.

The project concludes with a defined budget and implementation strategy.

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